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Reloading 22 TCM
« on: November 28, 2023, 07:23:40 pm »
In the spirit of my quest to load all of the pistol cartridges that I shoot on my Star equipment, I have (with a tremendous amount of help) gotten a setup to load the tiny 22 TCM.  First, Manuel Cepeda designed the most challenging part which is the powder spout.  I sent him a hand full of casings and he spent over a month designing a spout that could put 10.6 grains of H110 through the .222 opening with nearly 100% accuracy.  His design is very ingenious and works perfectly.  I am seeing less than half of 1/10 of a grain variance between charges.  I designed the top plate of my Hume case feeder using Tinker Cad and had another buddy of mine print it on his 3D printer and presto, I can feed the 22 TCM case!  I then borrowed the .223 shell plate from my Dillon Super Star Conversion kit and I am cranking out the TCM almost as fast as I can shoot them. 

I would really like to thank Manuel Cepeda for helping me with this project!

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