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Unusual Star History
« on: July 13, 2012, 09:37:24 am »
In the early 60s I was in Puerto Rico in the military and fired with the pistol team there.

The only gun store that I knew of at the time was "La Armeria Metropolitana" in San Juan.

Leon Lyons was the owner and he had a Star that he had automated with (I think) a hydraulic system, a case feeder, a bullet feeder and automatic finished cartridge ejector.  My recollection wis that the cycle rate approached 100 rounds per hour.

Leon told me at that time, about 1963, that he had already loded oer a million rounds on his Star and expected a Hell of a lot more! 

I left Puerto Rico for Florida State University in 1965 and Leon was still going strong.  I think that his son has taken over the operation now... I will try and find out.